• Very agile, smooth-riding
  • Excellent safety and stability thanks to low center of gravity
  • Ergonomically designed for kids
  • Ideal as adaptive trike
  • E-motor option
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Happiness with handlebars: TRIX, the adaptive wonder-trike

As a super-sporty recumbent trike, the TRIX has changed adaptive cycling from awkward to awesome.

What’s cooler than two speedy wheels? Three!If you want to move forward, just put up your feet and lean back in your seat. Sounds like a paradox, but it’s just TRIX. A recumbent trike with a low center of gravity, the TRIX is so stable and agile that even riders with severe disabilities won’t have any problem leading the pack – and looking effortlessly cool while doing so. The TRIX may not be able to move mountains, but it can ride around them, and triking over them is pretty fun too.

What do fun and safety have in common? The TRIX!There’s no place like home. Maybe. If you’re 80 or a computer nerd. Otherwise, it’s always more fun to be out and about with your friends. The TRIX is well-equipped for those times: with its high-quality disc brakes and special children’s brake levers. If needed: the optional fixed gear helps you keep the rhythm with your pedaling.

As a recumbent trike, the TRIX is also particularly intuitive to ride because you can see your legs while you’re pedaling. This makes all the difference in the world. To make sure the rider’s feet are held securely in place, the pedals are equipped with toe clips and straps. Pedals with calf support, along with many other adaptive accessories, are also available. Other options: hydraulic coaster brake and single-hand controls.

What’s almost as fun as riding the TRIX? Sharing it!No disability, no TRIX? Nonsense. There’s nothing like watching your friends’ faces when they take their first spin. If the height difference isn’t too great, the TRIX can be adjusted in a flash, thanks to the high-tech quick-adjust mechanism. In general: anyone between 4’1” (1.25 m) and 6’3” (1.90 m) in height can ride the TRIX.

What else can you do with the TRIX? Hang out, for example. The comfy seat feels like a hammock when you’re chillaxing with friends and philosophizing about life, the universe, and the wonders of YouTube. The parking brake keeps you right where you want to be.

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TRIX photo shoot at the historic Hansa coking plant

The ovens here have long since been switched off, but it was still plenty hot. A perfect summer day for taking pictures for our brochure. Enjoy our video full of fun memories!

TRIX goes to school

The TRIX has been “a huge hit,” according to the cycling club at the Kaywald School for children with mental and physical disabilities. The teachers talk about how the experience of cycling has affected students’ lives – as well as their own.

Crossing the Alps: making tracks with the TRIX!

The cycling club of the Kaywald School crossed the Alps in the Summer of 2015 on recumbent trikes and semi-recumbent tandems. Learn more about their experience here.



When Samuel comes zooming around the corner on his trike, people can’t help but stop and smile. And the biggest smiles of all are on his parents’ faces. The young teenager is a true ray of sunshine – and, thanks to his TRIX, mobility is fun again.

Beyond a field of head-high crops, the sound of a motor can be heard. But not a real one: a child is going vroom, vroom, vrooommm! Then a boy comes barreling around the corner on a trike, screaming with delight. Vroom. Followed by a small cloud of dust, which has barely settled by the time he’s out of sight again.


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