Where do I get my HASE BIKE

  • Trigo Nexus
  • Trigo Up
  • Kettwiesel EVO Steps
  • Kettwiesel EVO
  • Kettwiesel
  • Kettwiesel Cross
  • Handbike
  • Pino
  • Pino Steps
  • Lepus Steps
  • Lepus
  • Trix
  • Trets Reh
  • All Bikes
hasebikes - Premiumhändler


HASE BIKES Premium Dealers stock our models Trigo/Trigo Up, Pino Allround, Pino Steps, Kettwiesel Evo Steps, and Lepus Steps, as well as all of our racks and bags.

hasebikes - Tophändler


At HASE BIKES’ Top Dealers, you can always find the models Trigo/Trigo Up and Pino Steps, including the corresponding bags and Porter Rack, along with either the Kettwiesel Evo Steps or the Lepus Steps.

hasebikes - Pino-Händler


Our HASE BIKES Pino Dealers stock the models Pino Allround and Pino Steps, along with the corresponding bags and the Porter Rack.

hasebikes - Reha-Händler


HASE BIKES Adaptive Dealers specialize in our Trix and Trets Reh, as well as our adaptive accessories. Through our Adaptive Dealers, it is possible to invoice health insurance companies (depending on country).

hasebikes - Basis-Händler


These dealers also have a direct connection to HASE BIKES, but do not commit to keeping certain models in stock for viewing or test riding.

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