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Instruction Manuals

Here you can find instruction manuals for our older models.
NOTE: All Instruction manuals can also be found in the configurator directly next to the corresponding article.


pfeil Manual KETTWIESEL-LEPUS, Version 11/2017 pfeil Manual HANDBIKE, Version 03/2017 pfeil Kettwiesel / Lepus Manual, Version, 05/2016 pfeil EVO und Cross Manual 2015 pfeil KETTWIESEL Manual, Version from 08/2014 (PDF) pfeil Kettwiesel Manual, Version 6/2013 (PDF) pfeil Kettwiesel Handbike Manual, Version 3/2012 (PDF) pfeil Kettwiesel Manual with Quick Stick Hubs and Differential 09, Version 4/2010 - 9/2010 (PDF 2,0MB) pfeil Kettwiesel Manual with Universal Hubs and Differential 09, Version 6/2009 - 12/2009 (PDF 2,3MB) pfeil Kettwiesel Manual up to 5/2009 (PDF 1,9MB) pfeil Kettwiesel Steel Manual up to 01/2006 (PDF 724KB) pfeil Kettwiesel Trailer-Conversion Manual (PDF 1,6MB) pfeil Kettwiesel Streamer Manual (PDF 392KB) pfeil Kettwiesel Handbike Short Manual, Manual 1/2009 (PDF 1,9MB)


pfeil Lepus Manual, Version 05.2013 (PDF) pfeil Lepus Manual up to 08/2005 (PDF 904KB) pfeil Lepus Manual from 09/2005 onwards (PDF 10MB) pfeil Lepus Manual 07/2016


pfeil Manual PINO, Version 10/2017 pfeil Pino Manual, Version 12/2014 pfeil Pino Manual, Version 10/2010 (PDF) pfeil Pino Manual, Version 11/2009 (PDF 2,1MB) pfeil Pino Ergo Riserbars Manaual (PDF 352KB) pfeil Pino Freewheel Adjustment Manual, Version 3/2004 (PDF 132KB) pfeil Pino Children’s Crankset Manual (PDF 1,3MB) pfeil Lowrider and Double Kick Stand Manual for Pino steel models (PDF 677KB)


pfeil Manual TRETS, Version 03/2017 pfeil Manual TRETS REH, Version 03/2017 pfeil Trets Manual, Version 6/2013 (PDF) pfeil Trets Steel Manual up to 08/2007 (PDF 404KB) pfeil Trets Manual, Version 1/2009 (PDF 2,6MB) pfeil Trets Manual, Version 8/2009 (PDF 1,7MB)


pfeil Manual TRIX, Version 05/2017 pfeil Trix Manual, Version 6/2010 (PDF 3,4MB)


pfeil TRIGO / TRIGO UP ergonomics pfeil TRIGO/ TRIGO UP retrofit 03/2019 pfeil Manual TRIGO/TRIGO UP Version 01/2019


pfeil Manual Assembly Light Kit for KETTWIESEL pfeil Manual Battery light 11/2017 pfeil Manual Barendshifter 12/2014 pfeil Manual Blinking lights 05/2015 pfeil Manual Bracktet for Pino stand and lowrider (ver. 2015) pfeil Manual Disengageable freewheel pfeil Manual Differential for KETTWIESEL pfeil Manual Differential for TRIGO/ TRIGO UP pfeil Manual Fender extension 01/2012 pfeil Manual Foldable Fairing 02/2018 pfeil Manual Foldable Fairing for TRETS 05/2011 pfeil Manual Framelock 2018 pfeil Manual Frame reinforcement 01/2015 pfeil Manual Lowrider Kettwiesel 01/2018 pfeil Manual Ortlieb 42 L Trike Bag, 2015 pfeil Manual Parking stand for HASE-trikes with rear suspension 05/2017 pfeil Manual Pino Children Crankset 04/2016 pfeil Manual Pino Double Grips pfeil Manual Pino AL Hase stand and lowrider 03/2016 pfeil Manual Pino steel Hase stand and lowrider 06/2015 pfeil Manual Pino Weber coupling, 02/2015 pfeil Manual Pino Weber coupling fastening set 02/2017 pfeil Manual PORTER BAG 10/2014 pfeil Manual PORTER RACK & RACK BAG for PINO 05/2019 pfeil Manual Protanium Engine 3/2012 pfeil Manual ROLLER RACK & ROLLER BAG 06/2016 pfeil Manual Safety cover for brake disc and wheel 05/2017 pfeil Manual Seatmesh for PINO, KETTWIESEL, LEPUS and TRIX 03/2017 pfeil Manual Seat Extension 01/2019 pfeil Manual Shifting System HASE 10/17 pfeil Manual suspension fork, adjustable 01/2010 pfeil Manual Switchable Fixed/Free Hub for Hase Trikes pfeil Manual Tandem Coupling 02/2017 pfeil Manual Universal Coupling for KETTWIESEL 11/2013 pfeil Manual Universal Coupling for LEPUS 11/2013 pfeil Manual Universal mount 03/2009 pfeil Foldable Fairing 04/2012 pfeil Foldable Fairing for Kettwiesel, Klimax, Pino, Lepus and Trix Manual, Version 6/2011 (PDF 2,3MB) pfeil Universal Coupling for Kettwiesel Manual, Version 4/2010 (PDF 900KB)

Special Needs

pfeil Special Needs Overview 7/2012 pfeil Manual Armrest 08/2010 pfeil Manual Crank Shortener 05/2016 pfeil Manual Fixed gear Kettwiesel/Trets Trike 07/2014 pfeil Manual Harness system 10/2016 pfeil Manual Headrest 02/2016 pfeil Manual Holder for Walking Sticks 05/2016 pfeil Manual one side leg rest 05/2015 pfeil Manual Pedal Pendulum 05/2016 pfeil Manual Pedals with toe clips and straps 05/2016 pfeil Manual Push bar for TRIX 10/2016 pfeil Manual Push rod for TRETS 11/2016 pfeil Manual Retrofit Trets gear hub to fixed gear 07/2015 pfeil Manual Special Pedals 06/2016 pfeil Manual Special Pedals with Calf Support 06/2016 pfeil Manual Trailer 11/2018 pfeil Manual Trailer foldable trikes 07/2016

TRIGO ergonomics

pfeil TRIGO ergonomics

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