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PINO. Highlights.

We have developed a wide range of PINO accessories that make our semi-recumbent tandem a true all-rounder. With the right equipment, the PINO can be a cargo bike, family taxi, and touring tandem, all in one. As versatile as a whole fleet of vehicles!

  • Accessories

    HASE BIKES Double Kickstand, forged

    Our new double kickstand is forged and can hold up to 100 kg, which is 20 kg more than the basic stand. However, it’s also the rock-solid stability that sets it apart from the others. With a total width of 700 mm and infinitely adjustable height (distance to ground), the kickstand provides out­standing support for the parked PINO. It is mounted further forward on the frame than the Ursus and can be easily folded up and down with a rider in the front seat.
  • Accessories

    Porter Rack for the 2021 PINO

    The foldable rack under the seat no longer comes with an integrated double kickstand – because otherwise, it would have to be removed every time the PINO frame is shortened for transport. Even without a kickstand, the Porter Rack is perfect for carrying heavy and bulky cargo – e.g. there is plenty of space for two beverage crates.
  • Accessories

    Lowrider Rack for the 2021 PINO

    The only difference between the new Lowrider Rack and its predecessor is the shape. Thanks to its new design, the rack doesn’t have to be removed when the PINO is shortened for transport. Otherwise, nothing has changed: the Lowrider Rack is still mounted under the recumbent seat and makes it possible to carry one small and one large pannier on each side.
  • Accessories

    Porter Bag for the 2021 PINO

    The Porter Bag is the perfect accessory for using the PINO as a cargo bike. The new version is identical to its predecessor model in almost every way, except for the mounts. In other words, it is still rainproof, dustproof and foldable and can carry up to 40 kg of cargo. Volume: up to 120 litres. Side note: you can even use the Porter Bag when the PINO is shortened to its near-minimum length. Just push in the adjustable crank arms and position the crankset under the bag, and you will have a cargo bike with the manoeuvrability and small footprint of a normal bicycle. Great, isn’t it?
  • Accessories

    HASE BIKES Flex-Crank

    This crankset for the front rider has crank arms that can be quickly adjusted to the leg length of the rider. No tools required! This adjustability is a useful for therapeutic purposes, but also makes it possible for the smallest co-pilots to help with the pedalling. Practical: if you’re riding solo with the PINO in cargo-bike mode, the crankset can be positioned under the Porter Bag with the crank arms pushed all the way in!
  • Accessories

    Seat Position Adapter Kid and Cargo

    The adapter is needed if you want to use the Porter Rack while riding with a child in the front seat – this situation is quite common for PINO families because of all the things parents need to take with them for their kids... With the adapter, the recumbent seat can be pushed 150 mm forward, which is enough for ensuring compatibility with the rack. The adapter is easy to mount. No tools required!
  • Accessories

    Height-Adjustable Seatpost

    Up and down with the press of a thumb: a lever on the handlebar lets you automatically adjust the height of the seatpost. This accessory is not only practical when chang­ing riders, but can also provide additional safety while riding – e.g. when stopping at red lights, you can lower the seat so that your feet can reach the ground.
  • Accessories

    Suspension Seatpost

    Cyclists who appreciate comfort, particularly those with back problems, will love this seatpost. Suspension under the saddle can make your ride noticeably smoother on bumpy roads and paths. And the longer the route, the longer the comfort.
  • Accessories

    Shimano Di2 Derailleur

    Faster and smoother shifting with less effort: this is what the Di2 derailleur offers, making your ride even more comfortable. The electronic shifting system is perfectly compatible with the Shimano Steps mid-motor, which we use on the PINO.

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