Hase Bikes Modellbild


  • 1989 Marec Hase – 17 years old – wins 1st Prize at the state youth science and technology competition “Jugend forscht” with the design of a tandem trike.
  • 1990 2nd Prize at state competition “Jugend forscht” with a foldable recumbent.
  • 1992 Enters “Jugend forscht” with two recumbents connected side-by-side.
  • 1994 The company HASE-Spezialräder is founded in Bochum. In a small courtyard workshop, Marec Hase and his first employee, Igor Pawiltchenko, build the first small production series of a semi-recumbent tandem and a full-suspension recumbent.
  • 1995 New products: the Lepus recumbent trike; special adaptations for adaptive and rehabilitative cycling. Cooperation begins with the company EFBE Prüftechnik, which offers testing services for leading bicycle manufacturers.
  • 1998 HASE products are being sold throughout Europe. The growing company now has 5 employees.
  • 1999 First HASE products exported to the US.
  • 2000 The company continues to grow, and the search for a new location intensifies.
  • 2001 The HASE company moves to the historic coalmine complex in Waltrop. The company EFBE Prüftechnik moves to the same location. The first Tandem Fair is held in the magnificent production hall, which was built at the turn of the century.
  • 2002 The first TRETS child trailers are sold, expanding the product range to fit the needs of families with children.
  • 2003 In the summer, HASE sets a new world record with the help of numerous customers. Sixty-two KETTWIESELs are hitched together to create the world’s longest trike tandem. The successful feat is entered in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • 2004 Sales for HASE’s unique products continue to increase. The exclusive Titan/Race series is created. The company now has 16 employees and celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, the company releases a DVD with 9 different films documenting the cycling fervor sparked by HASE’s bikes and trikes.
  • 2005 First year of participation in the event Extraschicht – Night of Industrial Culture.
  • 2006 Extraschicht attracts approx. 7,000 visitors to Waltrop.
  • 2007 HASE BIKES receives regional Best Business Award (Vestische Unternehmerpreis). HASE BIKES’ products are now being sold in 21 countries worldwide. Total employees: 30, 7 of which are trainees.
  • 2008 Starting in May 2008: construction begins on a new production hall on the grounds of the historic complex Zeche Waltrop.
  • 2010 HASE BIKES wins the Eurobike Green Award for pioneering achievements in the field of sustainable product design for its Klimax 2K.
  • 2011 HASE BIKES wins the IF Gold Award and the Red Dot Design Award for its Klimax 2K and is recognized for its special design.
  • 2014 HASE BIKES wins the Red Dot Design Award for its PINO Porter.
  • 2015 HASE BIKES wins the Red Dot Design Award “Best of the Best” for its KETTWIESEL Cross. Construction begins on an additional warehouse facility on the grounds of the Zeche Waltrop.
  • 2017 HASE BIKES introduces two new models: the TRIGO and TRIGO UP.
  • 2018 The Company continues to grow. Total employees: 59, 13 of which are trainees.
  • 2019 The Company celebrates its 25th anniversary. HASE BIKES introduces the new TRETS.
  • 2020 HASE BIKES introduces the new PINO. Total employees: 70, 17 of which are trainees.


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